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Trusts & Estate Planning

We believe our investment approach is ideally suited to serving the needs of trusts. The primary objective of a trustee is to maximize the net total return of a portfolio for a given level of risk, taking into account all costs and expenses of investment management. Trustees therefore have the duties to diversify, to be disciplined in their investment strategy, to be cost-conscious, and to consider the tax consequences of investing. At B|O|S, our investment approach aligns with and supports the trustee’s fiduciary responsibility, and it complies with the California Uniform Prudent Investor Act, which guides the actions of trustees in accordance with their fiduciary responsibilities.

We work directly with trustees to provide discipline in the investment process, develop prudent investment strategies, obtain appropriate diversification and asset allocations to different markets, and ensure timely rebalancing of the portfolio when needed. And for clients who require the services of third-party trustee, we can provide access to institutions with whom we have working relationships, and manage the assets held in a trust as part of a coordinated investment strategy.


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