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Are you ready for an investment and financial growth strategy that’s as unique as you are?

At B|O|S, we’ve developed a powerfully personal, transparent approach to financial planning and wealth management.

We provide our clients with an array of financial services, including personal wealth management, customized financial planning, trust and estate planning, institutional investment strategies for attorneys, and all points in between. Since each client’s unique life and financial history requires its own roadmap, we custom-build a plan for every single client, designed specifically for their individual trajectory. We’re proud to have been in business for over 30 years and over those years we’ve developed some of the most experienced, comprehensive and technically sophisticated capabilities in our industry.

California Property Taxes Post Proposition 19: The Makeover Blog Post

California Property Taxes Post Proposition 19: The Makeover

There is much to consider when planning how best to pass assets to heirs, including potential tax consequences on the transferred assets. For the time being, 2021 federal gift and estate tax exemptions remain at an all-time high ($11.7 million per individual and $23.4 million for a married couple), allowing a... continue reading

IPO Lockup Period Expiration: What’s Next Blog Post

IPO Lockup Period Expiration: What’s Next

Inflation Part 2: The Bark That’s Worse Than the Bite Blog Post

Inflation Part 2: The Bark That’s Worse Than the Bite
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Our principals, portfolio managers, and the administrative support teams are exceptionally qualified to serve our clients. With prestigious educational degrees, industry certifications and professional honors, we’re frequently quoted in top national and local financial publications, and consistently recognized by many of those publications as being in their top tier of wealth managers.

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B|O|S  is proud to have been recognized as an industry leader in the registered investment advisor space. These accolades and peer-recognitions reflect not only our passion, but also our deep commitment to every aspect of our relationship with our clients.


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