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OUR CLIENTS come from a broad range of backgrounds, and they include successful professionals, corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, and families. While our clients have substantial resources, what they also have in common is a need for personal financial guidance and counsel – for an experienced and knowledgeable professional to help them navigate their complex needs and changing circumstances over time, and to help manage their wealth so that they can pursue and fulfill their financial aspirations.

Solving a Host of Personal Financial Issues

We are most valuable to clients who ask us to assist them with a broad range of financial issues, and to orchestrate all of the pieces of the complete picture. While this begins with the management of their investment portfolios, it also extends to all aspects of their financial lives, such as:

  • The strategy and vehicles used to plan for retirement
  • The evaluation of real estate or other investments within the context of their overall financial picture
  • The evaluation of professional, investment and wealth transfer decisions within the context of efficient tax planning
  • The mitigation of risk through various forms of investments
  • The structure of their estate to enable the transfer of wealth to subsequent generations or charitable causes

Navigating Life’s Transitions

Our services are also essential to clients who are going through life transitions such as retirement, divorce, loss of a spouse, sale of a business, liquidation of concentrated stock positions, or a career change. We are effective at translating new financial circumstances into sustainable, long-term financial plans and investment strategies.

To learn more about our unique process and how our personal financial advisors can benefit you, visit OUR APPROACH.

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