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How We Plan

The roadmap to each of our Client's wealth management strategies is as custom and complex as each of their unique histories and life stories.

Your Complete Picture

Navigating the investment landscape can be tedious enough before considering the additional complexity of financial planning and wealth management. That’s why we’ve developed B|O|S Roadmaps. Think of it like an app – specifically like a maps app – that helps to determine where you are now and where you need to go. With your B|O|S Advisor and Roadmaps as your personal guide – we’ll build a custom-tailored path just for you and your family.

If you’re interested in setting up an appointment and learning more about how B|O|S can help you with your investment and financial strategies, click the button below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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  • Investing for Life

  • Tax Planning

  • Managing Equity Compensation

  • Considering Investment Properties

  • Reviewing Your Healthcare Options & Coordinating with Medicare

  • Assessing Life & Disability Insurance Needs

  • Analyzing Your Umbrella, Property & Automobile Insurance Needs

  • Evaluating Long-Term Care Options

  • Buying a Home

  • Planning for College

  • Managing Mortgages & Other Debt

  • Caring for Loved Ones

  • Navigating Finances Before & After Marriage

  • Re-Establishing Finances After Divorce or Death of a Spouse

  • Finding the Right Retirement Living Option

  • Creating a Plan

  • Selecting Beneficiaries

  • Implementing Wealth Transfer Strategies

  • Planning for Philantropy

  • Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

  • Optimizing Retirement Plan Distributions

  • Planning to Align Retirement Income and Spending

B|O|S Recognition

B|O|S  is proud to have been recognized as an industry leader in the registered investment advisor space. These accolades and peer-recognitions reflect not only our passion, but also our deep commitment to every aspect of our relationship with our clients.


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