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A Unique Philanthropic Offering For Our Clients

Philanthropic giving is an important objective for many of our clients. To help them achieve their charitable goals in an effective and tax-efficient manner, we established the B|O|S Foundation (BOSF).

What is the B|O|S Foundation?

  • The B|O|S Foundation is a nonprofit entity within the Marin Community Foundation (MCF) through which our clients can open donor-advised accounts and have the underlying assets managed by B|O|S.
  • The administration of gifts, taxes, grants, and research are provided by the Marin Community Foundation, one of the largest and most innovative foundations in the country.

Benefits of Giving Through the B|O|S Foundation

  • Contributions to a donor-advised account yield a charitable tax deduction in the year of transfer, rather than the year in which the gift is made to a qualifying charitable organization, introducing flexibility into the giving process.
  • You work with the same B|O|S team with whom you already have a relationship and we extend a similar investment strategy to assets in your donor-advised account. Appropriately adjusted for risk, a similar low-cost, passively managed strategy can be employed.
  • Your B|O|S management fee is determined based upon the amalgamated assets of all participants in the B|O|S Foundation. More giving leads to lower costs for everyone.
  • A dedicated philanthropic planner at the MCF works with you to maximize your giving impact. You receive personalized guidance while enjoying the administrative leverage of the MCF:
    • Ability to fund your account any time, with almost any kind of gift.
    • Ability to view account details through the BOSF Giving Center – an online tool used to track gifts and grants, check balances, recommend grants and conduct research.
    • Access to information about nonprofit groups that work on issues in which you are interested, or that work in the communities you wish to support. Access to briefings, research and site visits.
    • Access to networking and educational events, providing opportunities to learn and meet other donors.
    • Complete IRS reporting.
    • Ability to give internationally.

A Simple Process

Setting up your giving fund is as simple as making a call to your B|O|S advisor. He or she will connect with a philanthropic planner at MCF, and together with you, design an effective giving strategy. You can create the fund as either an endowment (which enables the fund to make grants in perpetuity) or as an expendable fund (from which grants can be made in any amount at any time). If you wish, you can involve successive family generations in your fund, thus passing on philanthropic values to your children or grandchildren.

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