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March 6, 2020

Tuning Out the Noise

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The best athletes in the world work closely with a coach to increase their odds of winning, and many successful professionals rely on the assistance of a mentor or career coach to help them manage the obstacles that arise during a career. Why? They understand that the wisdom of an experienced professional, combined with the discipline to forge ahead during challenging times, can keep them on the right track. The right wealth manager can play this vital role for an investor. A wealth manager can provide the expertise, perspective, and encouragement to keep you focused on your destination and in your seat when it matters most.

Having a strong relationship with an advisor can help you be better prepared to live your life through the ups and downs of the market. That’s the value of discipline, perspective, and calm. That’s the difference the right wealth manager makes. 

This brief video is perhaps more relevant today than ever.


The video in the link titled “Tuning Out the Noise” was produced and is maintained by Dimensional Fund Advisors (“DFA”). B|O|S may recommend that clients invest in the investment products offered by DFA. Periodically, DFA may provide B|O|S with services intended to help B|O|S manage and further develop our business enterprise, such as facilitating periodic industry best practices and C-suite forums, consulting on various topics, and providing services for client related activities. DFA may discount or waive fees it might otherwise charge for some of these services or may pay all or part of the fees of a third party providing these services to B|O|S. DFA’s payment for these services is not contingent upon B|O|S recommending DFA investment products.

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