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B|O|S produces periodic webinars and webcasts to provide context to your wealth, the markets and economy, and financial planning for high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families.

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Past Webinars

    Personal Cybersecurity | A Primer

    Hosted by David Newson – Principal; Carol Benz – President & COO; Dr. Tania Neild – Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Infograte

    The number of headlines related to personal information breaches, hacks, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities seems to be growing year over year. We would like to assist you in developing an understanding of some of the current threats to individuals as well as provide actionable ideas to help you mitigate your personal cybersecurity risk.

    This webinar and Q&A session was designed to cover the basics of personal cybersecurity and covered risks associated with passwords, email, wifi and endpoints, texting, and social media. Think of it as a 101-level course or Math for English majors.

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    Navigating California Prop 19’s New Property Tax Rules

    Hosted by David Newson – Principal; Michelle Soto, CFP®, CDFA® – Director of Financial Planning; Judith Gordon – Estate Planning Advisor

    California voters recently approved Proposition 19 making significant changes to property tax rules in place since 1978 through the landmark, Proposition 13.  Prop 19 allows homeowners over 55, the disabled, or wildfire/disaster victims to take a portion of their property tax base with them when they sell their home and purchase a new one. It also limits the ability of heirs to keep low property tax payments on inherited property.

    Key dates are quickly approaching with changes to family-property transfers beginning on February 16, 2021 and changes to transferring a primary residence’s tax base starting on April 1, 2021.

    This webinar’s agenda is as follows:

    • Restate the current rules
    • Discuss key changes from Prop 19
    • Provide case studies to help explain Prop 19’s impact
    • Identify potential strategies moving forward

    California property owners hold vast amounts of wealth through residential equity.  As such, having a thorough understanding of Prop 19, its impact and potential strategies moving forward is critical.  Being informed is key to making the most of your planning options.

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    Investment Strategy in the Face of Unprecedented Uncertainty

    Hosted by Richard T. Golinski, CFA - PRINCIPAL & CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER

    As we have been communicating with our clients over the past few months, one common question we have heard is “With all of this uncertainty, what should we be doing now?” To help address that question, among others, we invite you to attend a webcast we have created to help provide you with some context and perspective on the current investment and economic landscape. We will address the market environment, portfolio strategy, as well as things you can do during this time.

    Please Note: This webcast is being distributed via a just-in-time webcast platform that will permit you to return to this page and reserve your spot on any day of your choosing to attend the webcast. If you have any questions or issues related to this webcast, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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