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Reviewing Your Healthcare Options & Coordinating Medicare


Healthcare insurance can be a very expensive annual cost for those who are not working yet or not quite old enough to qualify for Medicare. The healthcare insurance landscape is ever-changing and understanding the different options available is vital to making the best decision.

For people either changing jobs or transitioning into retirement, comparing COBRA options versus the insurance marketplace is an important consideration. There are also potential tax considerations to work through and understand, which may play an important role in the approach you select. On top of that, figuring out whether a health savings account (HSA) is available to you and how to approach managing an HSA account are also key pieces to the overall puzzle.

Additional options and considerations come along with the transition to Medicare at age 65. It’s important to understand the different options for Medicare supplemental policies so that your healthcare program is best tailored for your needs.

Navigating these considerations alongside an advisor can help save time and confusion and ensure that your approach is the best fit.

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