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Investing for Life


Having your money work as hard for you as you worked to accumulate it is vital in affording life’s financial goals.

A disciplined approach to investing, grounded in strategies that have stood the test of time through both up and down markets, has the potential to provide the greatest rewards with a high probability of success. Prudent investing balances the trade-offs between the probable risks you’ll encounter to meet your goals with the potential returns that can help you get there. It should also address both near-term expenditures (e.g., buying a home) as well as longer-term plans (e.g., retirement).

In short, a good investment plan incorporates answers to many strategic issues, including:

  • Which assets do I need in my portfolio and which should I avoid?
  • Where and how should foreign-based assets play a role for me?
  • Which assets should be purchased in my retirement accounts versus my taxable accounts?
  • How do I avoid the most common mistakes investors make, especially during rocky markets?

Planning with a trusted advisor is key. B|O|S has guided many clients through these decisions. Our goal is to help you make smart decisions and free up your time to focus on what matters most to you.

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Speak with Kevin Dorwin, CFP®, Managing Principal, whose expertise includes portfolio design and management, estate planning, and charitable giving, among other wealth management strategies.

Kevin D. Dorwin, CFP®

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