February 19, 2019

B|O|S Media Highlights

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Stocks Climb as Energy, Tech Strength Lift Indexes

Principal Jennifer Ellison, CFA was interviewed by Bloomberg on November 20, 2018. https://bloom.bg/2G2eaOG

Here’s Something Most Brokerage Firms Would Rather You Ignore

The San Francisco Chronicle spoke with Jennifer Ellison, CFA on November 24, 2018. http://bit.ly/2HKzY2V

Dow Closes More Than 250 Points Higher in Wild Session

Principal Dave Campbell, CFA spoke with CNBC on December 26, 2018. https://cnb.cx/2Gc1q7n

Stocks Claw Back From Earlier Losses, Extend Historic Rally

On December 27, 2018 USA Today interviewed Dave Campbell, CFA. http://bit.ly/2DMrsMY

Rocky Start for Stock Traders Still Getting Accustomed to Normal

Dave Campbell, CFA talked with Bloomberg on January 2, 2019. https://bloom.bg/2DMtRXI

Investors Seek Intermediate Bond ETFs as Fears of Rising Rates Subside

On January 4, 2019 Bloomberg interviewed Dave Campbell, CFA. https://bloom.bg/2Rtw9Pp

‘Pulp Fiction’ Stock Spectacle Gets Less Scary as It Goes Along

Bloomberg spoke with Dave Campbell, CFA on December 27, 2018. https://bloom.bg/2SgExGl

It’s Blue Skies in Gold ETFs as Investors Flee Equity Turbulence

Dave Campbell, CFA was interviewed by Bloomberg on December 27, 2018. https://bloom.bg/2HKK4Rn

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