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How Prop 19 Could Affect California Property Tax Exclusions
September 14, by Judith Gordon
Navigating Key Provisions of The CARES Act
June 3, by Judith Gordon
Estate Planning in the Time of COVID-19
April 14, by Judith Gordon
Required Minimum Distributions Waived in 2020
April 8, by Michelle Soto, CFP®, CDFA™
Our Perspective on this Unsettling Environment
March 25, by B|O|S
To Refi or Not To Refi
March 20, by Michelle Soto, CFP®, CDFA™
SECURE Act Benefits 529 Plans
March 12, by Sean Angelis, CFP®
4 SECURE Act Provisions B|O|S Clients With IRAs Need To Know
February 25, by Michelle Soto, CFP®, CDFA™
When the Waiting Is Not the Hardest Part: A Financial Aid Primer
February 18, by Colleen S. Supran, CFA
Estate Planning Strategies for Married Couples in the New Decade
February 18, by Judith Gordon
Preparing for Parenthood: A LGBTQ+ Quick Guide
November 11, by David Newson
Dreaming of Downsizing? An Upside Property Tax Consideration
November 11, by Judith Gordon

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