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Making the Most of Year-End Charitable Planning
November 30, by Judith Gordon
Going Public With SPACs
November 4, by Shelby Stahr, CFP®
Potential Changes to Gift and Estate Tax Laws in 2021 and Beyond
November 4, by Shelby Stahr, CFP®
What the SECURE Act Means for Qualified Charitable Distributions
October 12, by Eric Sousa
How Prop 19 Could Affect California Property Tax Exclusions
September 14, by Judith Gordon
Federal & California Tax Deadlines for Counties Affected by Wildfires
September 9, by Michelle Soto, CFP®, CDFA™
IRS Guidance on Clawback of Gift & Estate Tax Exemption
April 16, by Judith Gordon
Updates On Federal and California Tax Related Deadlines Due To The Corona Virus
March 26, by Judith Gordon
4 SECURE Act Provisions B|O|S Clients With IRAs Need To Know
February 25, by Michelle Soto, CFP®, CDFA™
Welcome to the Land of OZ (Opportunity Zones)
December 10, by Jeffrey Blanchard, CFA
Dreaming of Downsizing? An Upside Property Tax Consideration
November 11, by Judith Gordon
Property Taxes: The Often-Overlooked Transfer Tax
May 22, by Judith Gordon

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