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March 22, 2017

The Crown: Netflix Original Series Review

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Like many of you, I have been missing Downton Abbey since the series ended. So, I was happy to find the first season of “The Crown” on Netflix both an entertaining watch and a decent review of the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s monarchy.


The Crown begins in 1947 with King George VI coughing up blood and hiding his illness from his family and Elizabeth entering into a somewhat controversial marriage to a questionably positioned Philip. Season one of The Crown stretches over the next eight years and focuses, with dramatic license, on several historical events: The Great Smog of 1952, the health issues of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the abdication of the throne by Edward VIII to marry his divorced lover, and the tradition barred love life of Princess Margaret. During these years, Elizabeth also learns the ways of the traditions and duties of the Crown, though these lessons are often at the expense of those she loves.

The Crown takes you back to the time when news traveled slowly and was absorbed more gently. For die- hard history buffs, The Crown may be slow at times. However, for those who watch television as a respite from the events of the day and like high end soaps, I think the series will surpass your expectations.

I enjoyed the series production design and costumes and appreciated the perspective of Elizabeth’s struggles in her multiple roles as a women, wife, sister, and the Queen. For the estate planner in me, the series confirmed that family drama exists in all of our lives and passing forward a legacy of values and traditions can be as important as leaving a monetary inheritance for future generations.

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