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Maintaining strong and productive relationships with our clients and seeking ways to enhance the services we provide are two of our most important goals. We value the direct feedback that we receive from you through our relationship teams, but periodically we want to dig a little deeper. To that end, we created and distributed an electronic survey in August seeking your input about B|O|S, including your overall satisfaction with our service and your team, areas in which you would like to see change, the completeness of the services we provide to you, and our methods of communication. Over 40% of those who received the survey responded. Thank you, your feedback is invaluable.

Overall, we were pleased with the results, both the positive feedback provided and the suggestions for our consideration. We would be more than happy to share the specific details of the survey results with you individually, but we are limited from doing so in this newsletter for regulatory reasons (the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which regulates our industry, considers the release of detailed survey results as a “testimonial” which is not permitted). We have provided an overview of how we analyze the survey results and some general commentary below; should you wish to discuss the specifics of the survey results, please contact your service team.

Analyzing the Survey Results

The survey was administrated by a third-party, who provided the results to us in summary form and verbatim by respondent (anonymously if you chose not to provide your name). We have read the results in their entirety and are following a rigorous process to review and evaluate them. This process includes:

1) Reviewing the summary results with our entire firm, and discussing what you think we are doing well and in which areas you believe we can most improve.

2) Reading all comments and suggestions that you provided verbatim and analyzing the data carefully by identifying trends, overall satisfaction levels, and new ideas and information, and benchmarking the results with prior year surveys and industry averages.

3) Providing specific survey responses to your BOS team (when not provided anonymously) for further review and follow up as appropriate.

4) Identifying areas for change and incorporating your ideas and feedback regarding additional services or enhancements into our annual planning process.

General Commentary

As mentioned, we were quite pleased with the overall results and we appreciate your continued confidence in us. You also gave us a number of things to consider.

1) Periodic and proactive communication is highly valued, particularly as it pertains to keeping you up-to-date regarding your investment portfolio and progress towards your overall financial objectives.

2) Technological and reporting improvements were of interest to many respondents, but face-to-face meetings and phone calls remain critical. Going forward we understand that we must balance the use of technology with traditional forms of communications to meet your needs.

3) Many of you are interested in learning more about estate planning and charitable giving.

4) Of the things we are considering, an online client portal or dashboard was of the greatest interest.

It is vital to our business that we know what you are thinking — your feedback is crucial in helping us identify ways in which to serve you better and to plan for the future. We sincerely appreciate your participation and invite you to contact your B|O|S team or us directly should you wish to provide additional feedback. Thank you.

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