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Saving for Your Child’s Future: 3 Options to Consider
May 19, by Sean Angelis, CFP®
Committing to Your Financial Health in 2021
March 10, by Michelle Soto, CFP®, CDFA™
Expanding Your Estate Planning Toolbox With SLATs
March 9, by Judith Gordon
Interpreting California Proposition 19
February 25, by Judith Gordon
Is the Grass Greener Outside of the Golden State?
February 23, by Rich Long, CFA
Be Mine: Perspectives on the Benefits of Pre-Marital Agreements from an Attorney & Client
February 10, by Michelle Soto, CFP®, CDFA™
Making the Most of Year-End Charitable Planning
November 30, by Judith Gordon
When a Financial Planner Becomes a Dad
November 30, by Peter Yoon, CFA
Legacy Planning With 529 Plans
November 4, by Sean Angelis, CFP®
The Stretch Is Dead: Estate Planning Options for IRA Accounts Post-SECURE Act
November 4, by Judith Gordon
What the SECURE Act Means for Qualified Charitable Distributions
October 12, by Eric Sousa
How Prop 19 Could Affect California Property Tax Exclusions
September 14, by Judith Gordon

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