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December 14, 2017

The Spirit of the Gift | Gift of Making Connections

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Gift of Making Connections

“The Most Important Things In Life Are The Connections We Make With Others” -Tom Ford

The important moments in my life began with an introduction. My girlfriend invited my future husband and me to Thanksgiving dinner and a colleague introduced me to the man who became my law partner for 28 years. I smile when I remember that I connected mutual friends who fell in love and through introductions, I helped a few people find jobs.

Making connections is free and can be easy. Thinking about who we want to connect can be a great gift to all concerned and a way to express gratitude to the people in our lives. The exciting part of making a connection is that you can never be quite certain what will happen next.
Personal connections with others helps create trust and develop friendships. In the world of mobile devices, the gift of making connections may also include on-going connections with the people with whom we have daily interactions. A phone-free zone dinner table promotes conversation and connectivity. If taking a break from your device seems hard, try it and see the connections that you build.

I plan on making the most out of my holiday gatherings by leaving my cell phone in my pocket. I know that just like chocolate, connections that I will make with family and friends will leave me feeling good.


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